Convenient and easy

How it works and how to apply?

Lessons takes place in the comfort of your own home or where you are currently located.
All you need is an internet connection, computer/tablet/mobile, and a „let’s do it“ attitude.

What do we offer?

Interactive lessons via SKYPE, also with a native speaker.

– >       English language
– >       Italian language
– >       German language
– >       Spanish language
– >       Slovak language
– >       Hungarian language


Book a trial lesson for free

We will contact you within 24 hours, from the moment we receive your registration, to arrange the introduction class via ZOOM or SKYPE.

The purpose of this class is to assess the level of your English, learn about your objectives and arrange a schedule for your classes in time convenient for you.


    I have read, and I agree with the statement on personal data protection


    STUDENTS 90 min. lesson 60 min. lesson 45 min. lesson
    4 students 10,00 € 8,00 € 6,00 €
    3 students 12,00 € 10,00 € 8,00 €
    2 students 16,00 € 12,00 € 10,00 €
    1 student 26,00 € 18,00 € 14,00 €
    SAVE money with 2 lessons / week
    1 student 22,00 € 16,00 € 12,00 €

    PAYMENT after the trial class is mandatory for at least 5 classes in advance.
    Account number: SK18 7500 0000 0040 0805 4175

    (Please write your name for payee transaction information)


    Can you make video calls via SKYPE, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp?
    Then you are set for our classes too.

    Hardwired landline access:
    99% of the modern households with hardwired landline access shouldn‘t have a problem.

    Mobile broadband and public WiFi services:
    Here the connection speed is often not enough to make video calls. In case you have issues with your connection speed turn off the video and use just the audio.

    For better sound we recommend earphone and microphone.
    The computer is better than a mobile for one reason – you have free hands to type notes easily.


    You can easily download SKYPE :: Here ::